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  • February 17, 2018, Erbil
    February 17, 2018, Erbil

A Breath of Innovation from Young Inventors – FPO 2016

The Third Ronaki Hawler Education Company 2016 was held on January 23, 2016 at Ishik University in Erbil from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.
The main objective of the Ronaki Hawler Education Company was to raise awareness on today’s scientific and technological progress, to enhance investigative ability of the school children, and to provide opportunities to apply skills and creativity within them to explore solutions for the variety of contemporary issues.
Participating in the event were more than 150 students, aged 18 and under, from 9 leading schools in the region. We are so proud of all the students and supervisors who participated and worked so hard to represent their schools. It was exciting to see the creativity and the innovation of young inventors. The event was a great success which drew the attention of many visitors both parents and school children.
The adjudicating was done under an esteemed panel of judges. The Panel of Judges was a specially selected team of 27 members from both university and high school teaching staff, who each brought a unique set of skills and experience to the competition.
10% of contestant projects were rewarded with gold medals, 20% with silver, and 30% with bronze. In addition to medals and certificates, a total of 2 Laptops, 5 Tablets, and 4 Photo Cameras were given to the students and supervisors of the best projects of FPO 2016. Certificates of participation were given to all registered participants.

The Winners of the Third FPO 2016 are as follows:





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