"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world." Louis Pasteur

  • February 17, 2018, Erbil
    February 17, 2018, Erbil
Guidelines FPO is open students in schools teaching in English in Kurdistan Region of Iraq attending classes in grades 7 through 10 or not have reached age 17 on or before April 12 preceding the FPO.. READ MORE
How to Prepare Enjoying simple science projects and experiments is a great way for children to learn about science in a fun, interactive way. When you want to take things a step further and develop an idea into a full READ MORE
Project Areas Renewable energy flows involve natural phenomena such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity through to biomass.. READ MORE
Samples Being gained force of a good habit to our children for keeping clean our environment. The most of children after eating their food in casual snacks they throw away their rubbish instead of .. READ MORE
PICTURE GALLERY See pictures of our past events. READ MORE
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VIDEO GALLERY Watch sample project videos here. READ MORE
A Breath of Innovation from Young Inventors – FPO 2016 Gönderen : admin - 9 February 2016 The Third Ronaki Hawler Education Company 2016 was held on January 23, 2016 at Ishik...READ MORE
Bulleting Light Gönderen : admin - 30 December 2014 READ MORE
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